About Me

A dynamic and hands-on Full-Stack developer with over 4 years of experience in backend and frontend technologies, I specialize in creating robust server environments using Linux and Nginx, and developing efficient APIs for seamless application integration. My strength lies in my ability to quickly interpret documentation and build the necessary features for robust performance.  While backend development is my main expertise, I am also skilled in front-end development, allowing me to contribute effectively to full-stack projects.

What I'm Doing

Web development

everaging my extensive experience with the Laravel framework to develop and maintain scalable backend systems.

Framework Development and Maintenance

provide tailored solutions for diverse project requirements

Server and Database Management

Administer Linux servers and implement Nginx web services, utilizing ORMs to ensure efficient database interactions.

API Development

Design and develop robust APIs in Java and PHP, facilitating seamless frontend to backend communication and data exchange

Software Engineering Practices

dvanced software engineering principles to manage the full development lifecycle

Cloud and Virtualization

Leverage Docker for containerization and orchestrate deployments

Frameworks & technology's

laravel 90%
SQL databases 75%
SQL databases
Spring Boot 70%
Spring Boot
Angular 65%
Linux Server Management 60%
Linux Server Management
nginx 55%
Iot 30%

Programming languages

php 90%
java 80%
JavaScript 65%
Html / Css 45%
Html / Css
C++ / Qt 15%
C++ / Qt


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (In Progress)
2019 — now
  • Specialized in developing applications using IoT and cloud technologies, focusing on practical, real-world projects to
    enhance learning and application skills.
  • Engaged with machine learning tools, applying theoretical knowledge to develop intelligent systems and predictive
  • Conducted projects in machine vision, exploring image recognition and processing techniques to solve complex
    problems and implement innovative solutions.
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2023 - MAY 2024

• Led the creation of AEZA's Telegram bot, focusing on security and reliability through multiple API integrations and transaction mechanisms, improving system consistency.

• Developed a dedicated service for the bot, utilizing Nutgram and modern web development frameworks to enhance functionality and enable seamless integration with payment systems.

• Enabled secure transaction processing by connecting the bot to various payment gateways, enhancing user experience and financial operations

• Contributed to the strategic planning and execution of code migrations, ensuring the Telegram bot's compatibility with upcoming system updates. This proactive approach minimized potential service interruptions and safeguarded against technological obsolescence.

• Worked with teams to address user feedback, refining the bot and documentation to meet customer needs and adapt to new technology trends.

• Implemented a comprehensive disaster recovery system to ensure operational continuity during crises, significantly enhancing the bot's resilience and reliability under adverse conditions. This strategic initiative guaranteed uninterrupted service and reliability, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining high availability and security.

2021 - 2022


• Served as a Junior Backend Developer at Shid Almas Samin, contributing to the development of a major
marketplace platform with diverse functionalities.

• Involved in the integration and support of several key services: FileVendor for efficient file management, an
administrative management system, a reseller platform, a user-engagement comments system, warehouse
management for inventory control, and a comprehensive store feature